Diesel orders should be placed through our website www.medco.com.lb or through our mobile app My MEDCO.

All you need to do is:

1) Download the app or go to the website 

2) Create an account

3) Place your order (Minimum quatity 500 Lts)

4) Pay by card - Only International Fresh USD cards are accepted or Credit Libanais Fresh USD card

Call 4 Oil is a fast, professional, and convenient delivery oil change service that comes to you wherever you are to change your engine oil in 30 minutes.

All you need to do is Call 4 Oil on 03 704 790 to book your appointment with our Chevron Oil specialists.

Anytime you’re at a MEDCO or Phoenicia station, ask for the invoice.


At the bottom of the invoice, there’s a QR code. Once you download the app, you should enter my points section and start by collecting points.


When you collect points on mymedco app, you can either redeem them for a service of your choice by pressing the redeem button or donate them to an NGO of your choice.


If you choose to redeem your points, you can choose between 3 products available at the station:


1- Fawwil (fill gasoline)


2- Ghassil (wash your car)


3- Zayyit (oil change)


You press on the service you want to use and insert the amount you want to spend.


For example: if you have 10,000 points in your balance (amounting for 10,000 LBP) and you want to wash your car for 7,000 LBP, you press on ghassil, enter 7000 and redeem them directly at the station.


If you have 6,000 points and the car wash is at 7,000 LBP you can redeem 6,000 from the app and pay the rest in cash.


Note that each point = 1 LBP and all redemptions should be done at the station.