yala stop

Our Mission

To be fast and convenient

At Yala, everything we do is to make your life easier, by being where you need us, whether on the road or in the neighborhood.
The way we make your life easier is by opening 24/365, and ensuring that we meet your needs with a convenient, homey, fast and friendly service.


Every Yala Lebanese Human Energy is here to brighten up your day and give you the friendliest experience.

You will always find a warm welcoming smile at any time, delicious fresh sandwiches with local flavors and all your groceries needs.
It all started in 1992 when MEDCO’s CEO, Raymond Chammas, decided to bring back the convenience store concept from the States even though many questioned his aim to “make drivers and neighbors lives easier”

So we thought Yala let’s open! This is how Calmart Sin El Fil was inaugurated in 1992 and how Lebanon’s first Convenience store was born. CAL standing for CALTEX and MART for market.
Year after year, the convenience store concept grew in success and in 1993, Calmart Saint Rita was inaugurated followed by Medmart Dora in 1994. MED standing for MEDCO and Mart for market.

In 2017, MEDCO merged the two brands to create one single brand called Yala Stop.

yalas vision
yala stop mission
Why Yala? Simply because, Yala is the most common and used “Lebanese” word constantly living on the fast lane. Yala because we are proud to be 100% Lebanese.
Yala! Because it’s time to do it. So, YALA! Let’s do it!

Yala was born to satisfy. Yala is a need to resume our busy lives, an extension of the road you drive and walk on, only cleaner, and brighter with the yellow lighting of a bus itinerary on the ceiling and luminous dots to illuminate the fresh food you will truly enjoy.

Every corner at Yala tells a story, even the aisles have Lebanese license plates designating the products. A wide range of convenience goods from fresh juices to bread, grocery items, dairy lines, magazines, newspapers, cigarettes, cuban cigars, loto, rechargeable and telephone cards, prepaid fuel cards and a great range of drinks, confectionery, chips & ice creams and ice bags for your last minute parties and most of all Yala’s yummy line of sandwiches, salads, desserts, chips, nuts and coffee blend called Yala Ahwe.