ngo’s loyalty Program

MEDCO strongly supports NGOs.

You can now collect points for every cash transaction you make across more than 200 MEDCO & PHOENICIA service stations and donate them to your favorite NGO when registered on the “MEDCO Loyalty App”.

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FREE Alcohol test

Social responsibility is our core purpose.

This is why MEDCO decided to put for your convenience free alcohol tests in most of its major stations: MEDCO Dora, Saifi, Chiyah, Ashrafieh, Monsef, Dbayeh, Phoenicia Unesco and Zouk.

Drive safely and follow the instructions for use.

MEDCO SAL disclaims any responsibility for misuse or defect of the product. Do not drive if you feel you are under the influence of alcohol.

talent development

MEDCO is fully committed to invest in employee training and puts its highest core values in its people.

by providing a wide range of programs and opportunities to produce the next generation of global experts in energy industry.

The training programs include:
  • Front liners customer service program: From the Ahla w Sahla to Charrafto MEDCO we are working on transmitting the company’s language to people.
  • Professional competency development
  • Managerial Programs
  • CSR Programs

MEDCO also trains pump attendants all year long to offer you the service you expect.

MEDCO provides technical, safety, fire fighting, first aid, financial and customer service trainings in order to always ensure the best service to our end-users.

MEDCO developed its language learned by station owners, managers and pump attendants. The trainings are done regularly to always ensure consistency and follow-up.

academy Medco
el 7al bel 7ay


MEDCO aims to have friendlier communities around its stations all over Lebanon.

Blue Pages are a host within MEDCO my loyalty app allowing people to meet, connect and work with the next door neighbor. An application that allows people to search for professionals nearby.

This new service was introduced by MEDCO as a job provider in order for people to search for services or register their profession to be part of the Blue pages community, all of this, for FREE.

Since “el jar abel el dar”, whether you need a tebakha, a khiyata, a kahrabje, a babysitter or simply need to do a whole revamping of your house, you will be able to find everything in one click and by area on this new service.

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