It all started in 1910 by the late Georges N. Chammas, a successful young entrepreneur who left a huge impact in the fuel industry.

We proudly carry his legacy with an uninterrupted record of growth, continuity and profitability.

Georges N. Chammas was 13 years old when he found his calling. He was looking to deep dive into a successful career as his entrepreneurial spirit was constantly boiling with ideas. He found the perfect product! “one that you continuously need, which you can’t return or exchange: OIL!” Georges founded ETS. Georges N. Chammas in 1910.

Shortly after its inception, it became the largest importer and marketer of coal in the Middle East, at a time when coal was the major source of energy. Eventually, Ets. GNC made the transition to petroleum activities and was the first in 1924 to import bulk refined products into the area.

Today’s, the Chammas Corporate Group’s activities are in import, export, storage, trading, marketing, transportation and distribution of a full range of petroleum products in Lebanon. In addition, we actively promote, sell, support and distribute goods and services from major international manufacturers in the petroleum, computer, electronic, electrical equipment and retail industries.



CO-Owner of the Chammas Group of companies (Medco S.A.L. - Petroleum services in Lebanon, Phoenicia oil company S.A.L., Chammas trading contracting and transport S.A.L., Georges Chammas S.A.L., Elfmed S.A.L., C.I.S S.A.L.)

60 years of dedication to the growth of the Chammas Group

"Khaweja N2oula" was 16 years old when he started working with his father, the late Georges N. Chammas, developing Gasoil distribution to bakeries in Beirut and the surrounding suburbs. From that moment on, Nicolas G. Chammas has dedicated his life to the expansion of his father's business. Hand in hand with his brother and partner Raymond, he has spent his days mastering the Petroleum Industries know-how and technicalities to lead the Chammas Group of Companies to its current national leadership position. From Petroleum Terminals to truck configuration per product specifies, from weighbridges to Asphalt, Jet A1, LPG, Gasoline, Diesel, Lube Oils and Fuel Oil, from laws and regulations to Administrative expertise and Logistics, Nicolas G. Chammas was, with his sharp intelligence, great memory and love of details, our Corporate "Dr. Google". He was always there to advise the 3rd Generation and Senior Directors on the best way to do it right, the first time.

On September 25th, 2011, Mr. Nicolas G. Chammas passed away and is now, from heaven, our Corporate Guardian Angel. Companies must have hearts like human beings, since ours are heavy with sorrow and sadness. Companies must also have spirits, since ours are lifted by the legacy Nicolas G. Chammas has left us with: "Servicing with Quality and Excellency". Companies must have minds too, since ours are stamped by his achievements and high expectations of success that we meet every day of our corporate lives. Companies must have eyes to see that:

YOUR Energy and HIS will to serve you with perfection is what made his career such a splendid ride. To conclude a non-ending tribute with his favorite words: "God Bless you ALL!"


On October 9th 2019 at 7:10pm, “Sitt Abla” had a date with the love of her life, her beloved husband N2oula in the heavens.

In the night blue sky, Sitt Abla’s entrance in her white and roses dress struck it with a rainbow! Tall, lean and gorgeous from her wedding day until her date day last Wednesday, her natural beauty, grace and elegance, drew the admiration of women and men. Beyond her impeccable looks, Sitt Abla dazzled all souls by her positive energy and love of life. 

For more than fifty seven years, her smile and laughter, unwavering support and wise advice, accompanied khaweja N’oula in his career, fueling his days with an unstoppable desire to nurture friendships and business relationships. 

Aquarius and resourceful, strong willed and disciplined, witty and hilarious, compassionate and caring, she would always reach out to help and support people around her. 

Besides being a loyal and exceptional spouse and partner, Founding Board Member of the Group’s diverse entities, she was first a wonderful mother to her four children and a role model to her grand children.

Embellish the skies Sitt Abla, our beautiful Angel! May the Grace of your embrace with Khaweja N2oula touch us all!