2019: A Green Year

As part of MEDCO’s commitment to the environment, weekly meetings are being held at MEDCO Innovation Center (MIC)

in the presence of Medco employees from each department to discuss environmental topics and find sustainable solutions such as reducing plastic and paper consumption along with recycling of plastic bags and printer toners in offices leading to below results:
• Yala Stop c-stores have started using environmentally friendly cutleries in the catering services
• IT department have started to spread the news about toners recycling solutions
• Employees have started spreading awareness about plastic consumption leading to decrease in the plastic consumption in departments
• Tablets covers used at the stations are made from recycled wheels
& More to come in the very near future.
Together we can make it Greener!

Save 198 Liters of water with Call 4 wash

Call 4 wash by MEDCO is part of MEDCO’s green initiative.

With call 4 wash, you can now order your steam wash at your doorsteps and have the cleanest car in town while being eco-friendly. Instead of using 200 Liters of water every time you wash your car, Call 4 Wash steam wash will save you 198 L since you only use 2 L of water.

While the average car wash consumes 150 liters of water, our steam carwash technology only uses 2 liters. Thus in 2018, we were able to save 320'000 liters - the equivalent of a large size pool. In our continuous efforts to be eco-friendly, we saved more than 22'000L in January 2019.

Koun sadi2 lal bi2a w Call 4 Wash on 03 704 790 or 1295 ext 609 Our professional call 4 wash team is always here to serve you. Go green, go medco


Towards an electric vehicle world

MEDCO introduces EV Chargers !

MEDCO welcomes tomorrow today by installing the 1st EV charger in Lebanon…waiting for electric cars to invade the future!

Since the world is changing to a more environmental friendly place, the production of electric cars across the world is increasing as an initiative to reduce pollution making the electric car market the largest worldwide amongst all car types.

MEDCO took eco friendliness to the next level and launched e-MEDCO, now charging at MEDCO BCD service station.

Innovation has always been our leverage since 1910. e-MEDCO and its first Electric Vehicle Charger introduction to the Lebanese green consumer is just an extension of our MEDCO You First customer centricity. You can now park your electric car and charge it in our station(s).

e-MEDCO charges all electric car models !

Welcome Nissan, Porsche, Volvo, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Renault, etc. to our eco-friendly station-planet!

The future is now here, at MEDCO BCD.

Go Green, Go E-MEDCO !


MEDCO PROPELL is an advanced formula of Unleaded Gasoline 95 and 98 Octane, improved with additives and saves on consumption, cleans the engine and protects the environment.

MEDCO PROPELL is the outcome of 106 years of know-how and is exclusive to MEDCO and PHOENICIA stations across Lebanon.

PROPELL reduces consumption by up to 5%. If all Lebanon used Propell, we would spare our environment almost 60 thousand metric tons of CO2! Which is equivalent to removing 13,000 cars off the street!
Check Propell



  • Reduces Gasoil consumption by up to 7%
  • Improves Efficiency
  • Protects against rust
  • Extends lifespan of the boiler unit
  • Same price as Regular Red Gasoil (COD or Liters Plus Card)
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Improved Reliability
  • Improved storage stability of the Gasoil
  • Less sludge in the oil tank
  • Dispersant additive: prevents deposits in fuel lines and injectors
  • Anti-oxydant


  • Delivered with digital flow meters & AUTOMATED invoicing for 100% quantity accuracy


  • More Efficiency and Cleaner combustion
  • Better for the environment because of reduced soot giving lesser smoke


  • Freshens the air with a sweet scent of pine, vanilla and caramel.
  • Odorizes and neutralizes the strong smell of regular Gasoil

renewable & alternative energy

MEDCO invests in energy efficiency.

Focusing on energy audits and promoting the use of solar energy -solar panels, cells and lighting- for a low-carbon future. For information about solar panels for your home or PVs, please e-mail us at medco@medco.com.lb

On March 2010, the Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW) launched a program regarding the implementation of energy conservation measures.

The measures addressed energy efficient lighting, solar water heaters and public street lighting.

combustion analysis

For an optimum combustion of your burner / boiler, our Engineers.

have equipment to test the O2, CO2, Exc, Air, Smoke temperature, the performance of the exhaust pipe evacuation of the combustion gases and smoke.

Our technicians are here to help you cut down your energy bills and reduce pollution. With the exclusive Kimo analyzer you can optimize your combustion in order to save energy.