MEDCO Home Delivery/ Office delivery (Bass lal mwasewsin)

If you are a Control, Quality and Value freak, read on.

Only if you care about receiving the right Quantity of Diesel in your Generator: MEDCO is the only company with a fully automated Distribution System.

Digital flow meters give you the accuracy you are looking for. 1,000 Lts =1,000 Lts. Digital flow meter communicates directly to the invoicing system in truck, with zero human intervention, eliminating fraud and collusion.

Only if you care about Quality and the Environment: MEDCO HDOD’s Diesel is at 10ppm with the smallest sulfur content as per European specifications, Euro 3 & Euro 4 standards. Eco-friendly, you will be protecting the environment and the air you breathe in your house.

Only if you want value for your money, you can choose between our 3 delivery options:

  1. MEDCO EXPRESS: +15$/1,000 Lts – delivered the same day if order is placed before 10:00 am
  2. MEDCO MERCURY: +10$/1,000 Lts – delivered within 24 hours
  3. MEDCO CHILL: - 5.33$/1,000 Lts – delivered within 3 business days

You can now order online through My medco loyalty app or on our website SAFE, ACCURATE & SECURE process.

For more information you can call our 24/7 hotline: 03-594 559 or reach us on 1295 ext. 653 – 654